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The Italian word “Baccarat” means “zero” in English. Though it is frequently linked with stylish James Bond types in tuxedos, playing for big stakes, the game itself is fairly easy to learn. It’s a table game you use cards to play it. Unlike Blackjack, it is unattainable to overdraw in Baccarat. The most important thing to know is whether you are betting on the Player, on the Bank or on Tie in every online casino.

Betting on a Tie is not really suggested because it decreases your odds of winning. Baccarat, like most casino games, is a game of possibility and relies totally on the luck of the draw. Unlike games like poker with multiple hands played, there is no main strategy, bluffing or serious decision making in Baccarat. All you have to decide is which hand you think will win.

It doesn’t matter where you sit at the baccarat table because unlike in Blackjack you are not playing against other players or against the house. The only thing you are betting in opposition to is the cards. It doesn’t matter what the other players stake on or how much they stake. card. The baccarat game is now ready to play.

At the start of the new casino game the shoe or the bank is given to the player on the right of the dealer. Each player is given the bank in turn and can hold the bank as long as the bank wins. Once the bank loses it moves on to the next player. Before the cards are drawn every baccarat player must place a wage.

The hand that is closest to nine wins. If the first two cards dealt count Eight or Nine it is called a “Natural” and wins automatically, unless both hands have the same worth then it is of course a Tie. When nobody has a natural extra cards are drawn to decide the baccarat winner. If the hand you bet on wins you get a one to one payoff. You could also bet on a Tie where you get from one to eight payoffs but a Tie is very rare, it happens less than once in ten hands. When there is a Tie and you did not bet on it nobody loses or wins.

Value of the cards in Baccarat:

  • Tens, Jacks, Queens and Kings count 0.
  • The Ace counts One
  • Cards from Two to Nine are at Face Value.

In the beginning the rate of the cards may seem a little odd, but it’s really easy to understand. In Baccarat you always have to hold in mind that the first digit in a two-digit number does not count. That is why the Ten, Jack, Queen and the King count 0 and the Ace only one. This is not only the case with single card values but also with the result of two cards joint. So if you draw an eight in baccarat and a three, for instance, the rate of both together would be eleven but since the first digit does not count your hand counts only one.

Online Baccarat Tips

Online Baccarat is an interesting game. Gamblers play this game for hours. It sure is addictive. We give you some basic tips about baccarat that will help you spend countless hours at the computer and win you handsome amount of money.

Online baccarat is a game of chance. There is no need to keep a count of the previous hands and cards. It is simply a waste of time. Instead, concentrate on the game.
Keep control of your money. This is an important tip for any gambling game. Baccarat players often spend large amounts of money carelessly. Avoid this and keep your finances in check.
Practice baccarat before hitting the tables. Play free games. You can download free software from the sites mentioned in our reviews section. Start betting only when you are sure of the game.
Know when to quit the game. If you are constantly losing, there is no need to keep playing the game in the hope of winning something. Accept that you need to hone up your skills.
Decide upon a losing limit. And stick to this limit. If you have decided for yourself a losing limit of $300, don’t cross this limit. This means that you stop when you lose $300.

Don’t bet big amounts immediately after you win small amounts. Decide that you will not spend more than a decided betting amount. This way, you will keep your game and your money in check and love the game even more.

Online Baccarat Strategy Guide

Like any game, there is an element of luck. But you can’t rely on luck alone to win at baccarat. There are certain strategic tips to follow in order to swing the luck in your favour.
The casino edge plays a big role in the kinds of bets you will make. If you bet on a player, then your odds are 1:1. This means that the casino edge is 1.34% in this case.

Betting on the banker allows you to win bigger, but a 5% “brokerage” is paid back to the casino. In other words, if you win $100, you give back $5 and you’re left with $95. This is all paid at the end of the game. The casino edge, however, is 1.17% in this case. With such odds, one would assume that the banker has a good advantage.

All “brokerage” payouts are put in a special box with your table number. This ensures that the game stays fair. Betting on a tie provides very favourable odds because if you win, you are paid out 8:1. However, you should be made aware of the fact that the casino edge in this case is 14.1%. In other words, only bet on the tie if you are feeling lucky!

The casino edge is relatively low, except for the tie bets. Unlike games like blackjack and poker, the players and the banker cannot make decisions regarding card drawing. This is why you do not have to be an experienced baccarat player to do well. As long as you know the basics and you are familiar with the betting procedure, you should do fine. In short, all you need to do is guess who you think the winner will be. Your gut feel is one of the strongest and wisest choices you can make, and baccarat lets you do just this.

All online baccarat rules are usually printed on the table, which means that those who are playing for the first time have the same edge as professional baccarat players. If you play conservatively, you should make a trickle of a profit by the end of the night. The higher you bet and the better you guess, the more profitable you will be.

The best way to get comfortable with any game is to play it. There are many Online Casinos which offer free online baccarat. You should enjoy the free play and you will be able to become familiar with the game before you head off to your chosen online casino to play for real money.