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How to Play Blackjack?

Blackjack is one of the most exciting games available in casinos, today and is gaining in popularity, the objective of blackjack is to beat the dealer and to that one has to use all the skills and expertise, to win in blackjack you have drawn cards until you hand adds up to twenty one , that is why in some parts of the world it is called twenty one, you can also beat the dealers hand by getting as close to twenty one as possible and the most important thing you should be aware of is that you are not supposed to exceed twenty or else it’s a bust and you lose .

The basic rules that I have outlined above are good if you enjoy playing for fun, but if you want to play for money then you will need to understand more advanced blackjack rules such as doubling down, splitting, insurance and hard hands versus soft hands.

Whenever you play blackjack you need to be aware of certain rules that will increase your chances of winning for example most people don’t know that when their first two card hand is a double then they can split the hand into two separate hands, the advantage you gain by doing this is quite big. Also when you have two aces a player can split them into two as an ace is worth eleven points so you chance of getting a twenty-one are very high because the majority of cards in the deck are worth ten points, however it is not wise to double down on all cards because many cards that are not worth doubling down on for example when you have double tens or face cards for a twenty hand card, doubling down on these cards means that you will be left with two lower valued cards.

Most blackjack players are not aware that they have the option to double down, doubling down in blackjack means that you have doubled your bet after the first two card hand and you then receive one additional card. Another important rule to any blackjack player is to understand the hard hands versus soft hands if you understand and practice this strategy you won’t go wrong at blackjack and you will find yourself winning all the time.

Online Blackjack Rules

Hands in blackjack are scored by their total points, with the aim of the game being to have a hand totaling twenty-one, or as near to it as possible without going over. Hands that exceed 21 are called “bust” and lose the game.

The cards are valued such:
• 2 to 10 = face value
• Jack, Queen and King = 10 points
• Ace = 1 or 11, at the choice of the player.

Each player is in competition against the dealer, not the other players, so even if the dealer loses to one player, they can still beat the other players at the table.

The dealer will start by dealing two cards to each player as well as to himself, though one of the dealer’s cards will be left face-up. The dealer’s face-down card is known as “the hole card”.
Any player that is dealt a “blackjack” or “natural” – a two-card hand of 21 (a ten-value card and an ace) is an automatic winner and receives an automatic three-to-two on their bet.

If none of the players or the dealer has a blackjack, each player will play his hand by drawing further cards until deciding to “stand”, reaching 21, or going “bust”. Once all the players have finished, then the dealer will play his hand.

When the dealer takes their turn, they will reveal the hole card, and play the hand. The dealer must hit until he reaches a score of at least 17, no matter what the other players are holding. If the dealer busts, all remaining players win a payout of one-to-one.

Use Blackjack Strategy to Reduce The House Edge

The best way for recreational and intermediate gamers to play blackjack is with elements of strategy – increasing the atmosphere, winning rounds and entertainment level. However, check out how to go about applying blackjack strategy with cool results.

Blackjack strategy basics

You can play blackjack with a very simple mind-set – simply build hot hands as close to 21 as possible, and use judgement and luck to hope you beat the dealer. However, that’s in fact a very low strength method of blackjack gaming – one that seriously favours the casino and allows the average edge to hit you pretty hard. In contrast, applying statistical rules to you betting instantly enhances your prospects, taking away the element of ‘doubt’ from your blackjack. While strategic betting does not guarantee success, it does mean you always play the percentage bet and game with value. Blackjack strategy charts are freely available online, and you simply analyze your 2 card deal and the dealer’s up-card, check them against the chart – and make your moves accordingly. Precise strategy application can reduce the house edge to as little as 0.5%; that means more chances to win and a harder time for the dealer, especially if you can find a little bit of luck to go with your strategic play.

Blackjack strategy budgeting

Whatever your current blackjack gaming level, it’s vital to play with a strict budget – be a session limit, weekly budget or monthly liability level. Playing blackjack strategically does offer you the best long-term chance of success against the casino, but you’ll still be affected by runs of good and bad luck. As such – thinking you are sure to win is 100% the wrong way to game. Blackjack strategy-play can reduce the house edge and make it easier to win and less likely to lose, but you must always be aware that the casino still has a typical average edge.

Blackjack strategy staking

What’s for sure is that playing blackjack with the full basic strategy delivers a reduced house advantage, and unless you’re unlucky over an extended period of time, you’ll get better results and more winning hands than you would playing without any strategic power. However, it’s important to think about the long-term and the short-term prospects of good and bad luck. In essence, one session does not show the value of a blackjack strategy – in which you could either win, lose or break even. It’s therefore vital to play blackjack with a level stakes mentality, otherwise you risk wiping out the advantage gained by playing with strategy. If you’re confused, then look at it this way – you don’t want to get unlucky playing with big stakes and lucky with small stakes!

Compound strategy betting

Assuming you’re getting success with a blackjack strategy and building your bankroll, then you may consider compounding your stakes (for example, bet with 1% per credit and re-calculate that 1% when your bank has doubled or increased by 50%). In the long-run, if you master basic strategy – think about learning the blackjack card counting basics!